Feel the crisp in every bite of Indian Suji Rusk!

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Feel the crisp in every bite of Indian Suji Rusk!

Baking With Bliss

Baking has always been our passion. And captivating the taste buds of rusk lovers with delicious flavors and crispness is the sole aim of our company, Servo Foods Pvt. Ltd. This is why, we always focus on maintaining quality standards in our Crispy Rusk, Indian Suji Rusk, Crispy Indian Suji Rusk and Suji Rusk Toast. However, in the race of offering quality food products, we never shift our attention from the price structure. For us, keeping price structure low is as important as keeping the product quality standards high. And to achieve both, we make use of modern production and marketing techniques. The optimum use of all resources along with modern production methods and technologically advanced baking tools, enable us to enhance the rate of production, thereby, minimizing the costs of production and sales. Needless to say, this makes us a reliable manufacturer and supplier of aforesaid rusk varieties.

Quality At Its Best

Food quality has always been a non-compromising factor for us. For this reason, we have set up an in-house laboratory for quality-checking the samples of ingredients we are about to source from our vendors and samples from each batch of rusks that are produced at our manufacturing facility. In order to achieve the highest standards of quality for our assortment of Crispy Rusk, we ensure that the production methods, quality methods, ingredients, packing material and all other things that we use are in compliance with the standards and regulations of Indian Baking Industry. Parameters over which our quality analysts perform quality tests on our line of rusks are as follows:

  • Crispness
  • Freshness
  • Taste
  • Aroma, etc.

Timely Delivery

We know that quality alone cannot win the hearts of our customers. Thus, for achieving complete customer satisfaction, it is important to focus on other business aspects as well, with timely delivery of goods being the major. To ensure that the orders we receive for Indian Suji Rusk is delivered on-time to their respective destination, we follow a systematic work approach. When every business activity is performed systematically, the success rate of timely completing orders increases. Timely order completion is directly proportional to timely product delivery. Moreover, we always use safest and shortest transportation routes.
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